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This Tek Eye website has many free articles related to Android programming. These articles will expand over the coming years to provide easily accessible tutorials on Android related development issues. Every day millions of Android devices are activated and many of those device owners would like to write their own Apps and Android software. There are many thousands of websites, courses, books, magazines, blogs and code snippets devoted to Android programming, why publish more? Hopefully the articles on the Tek Eye website are easier to understand and digest than many others. There is no offical Android course on this website, however, the articles listed below can be regarded as a free online Android App development course for beginners.

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Starting Android App Programming in Java with Android Studio

The tutorials discussed below can be considered as being part of an online Android course syllabus. Google recommends Android Studio for App development (although there are plenty of alternatives). Studio is used in these articles. Studio does require a recent PC (with an Intel i5, i7 or Xeon processor) for best performance.

To get started with Android Studio begin by installing Java:

Then Studio:

If you haven't got a physical Android device use an Android Virtual Device (AVD) to test your code:

Now run your first App:

Learn about the Android project structure:

The Android SDK and Studio IDE change frequently so know how to keep everything up-to-date:

Learn how to start a second screen in an Android App:

(Tip: See Copying Code from the Articles to learn how to grab tutorial code and paste it into Studio code files.)

Learn more about Android and the SDK by taking apart the sample Apps provided by Google:

See Also

Don't forget the plentiful resources on the Google's website for Android Developers. Also see the list of all the Android articles on this website in the site's index.

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