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Articles and tutorials on computer programming, Android programming, web publishing, computing in society, digital forensics and technology. Why? See the About page.

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Some of the articles on this website cover subjects that can be found elsewhere on the Internet, but this site believes the information provided should be clear and easy to understand. Hopefully the articles here achieve that. After all technology should be simple to use and make you smile. That's the goal.

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Anything new at Tek Eye? When something of note occurs related to this site it will appear below. By the way if you have anything interesting related to technology or computers and their application and want it published then send an email to dan@tekeye.uk.

A New Domain

Originally Tek Eye resided at tekeye.biz. Then along came the .uk top-level domain. Since we are UK based and .biz has never sounded professional enough the opportunity to change the domain name has been grabbed. So here we are at TekEye.UK, look out for great new articles on computing once the transition is complete.

A Mascot? Of Course

At Tek Eye the programming of Android devices is one of our topics, even contributing to the O'Reilly Android Cookbook. Android has a little green robot as a mascot so it was thought a nice friendly robot to keep him company would be a good mascot for Tek Eye. Here is Tek the Blue One-Eyed Robot:

Tek the One Eyed Robot

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