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This web site is brought to you Daniel S. Fowler. I work with technology, mainly as a freelance software developer and computer researcher. I did not want a website that was just a list of all the helpful computer services I provide, websites can do so much more. All websites should enrich the Internet and that is the aim of Tek Eye.

Computers are part of everyday life and the modern world functions with help from a huge variety of computers and electronic gadgets. If you want to know how the modern world runs it helps to understand computer technology. How digital devices work and what lies inside. On this website are articles, tutorials and resources related to computer programming and technology that people and organisations should find useful. I like to think that when you're picking gems from the chaos of words that appear in search results some of those gems will be here. Also provided is guidance on any of the products developed and released for general use. Some subjects will be more prominent than others from time to time, as the articles will reflect the current main areas of work and research.

Where is the Website Going?

The main aim is to develop software and technology to solve problems, the original goal of computers. Designing custom software is challenging but rewarding. Although software is the primary business focus investment in technology innovation is another aim:

  • If you are interested in investing in new products there are exciting projects on the horizon, several at the incubator stage.
  • Do you have a software application to sell? If you are divesting applications that are generating an income then get in contact.

Get in contact at mrdanfowler@gmail.com.

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