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The computer is part of everyday life. The world functions with help from a huge variety of computers, electronic gadgets and computer-controlled machines. If you are interested in how the modern world runs it helps to understand computer technology, how digital devices work, and what lies inside them. The Tek Eye website is provided to help you with that understanding. All the articles on Tek Eye take a look at the technology that makes our computer-controlled society function.

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When we educate the next generation to take over the running of society the term STEM is sometimes used to refer to the skills needed by future scientists and engineers. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM topics are covered by Tek Eye, however, the focus is more on the engineering of computers, i.e., the technology behind computers and their programming. On Tek Eye, it is referred to as STEP for Software, Technology, Engineering, and Programming.

Software Development, Android Programming, Applied Computing in Society

The Tek Eye website provides articles, tutorials and resources on computer programming, software development, Android programming, web publishing, cyber-security, technology, and the use of computers and technology in society. Tek Eye has thousands of visitors every month. Articles on Tek Eye rank on page one of search engine listings.

Tek Eye Will Publish Your Article or Paper

Tek Eye will accept relevant guest posts. If you have anything interesting or new related to technology or computers, and their applications and software, and want it published, then send an email to dan@tekeye.uk. For terms and conditions see the Guest Posts page.

The World Wide Web was Designed to Share Knowledge

Some of the 300+ pages on this website cover subjects that can be found elsewhere on the Internet. However, this site believes that information should be clear and easy to understand. After all, the World Wide Web (WWW) was designed to share knowledge easily. The articles published on Tek Eye aim to share knowledge with clarity. The tutorials and articles on technology should be simple to understand and make you smile when you have finished completing or reading them. The ultimate aim of this website is to go beyond the usual bland corporate sites that litter the Internet, becoming a computer technology resource that people and organisations find useful. Take a look at the Tek Eye full site Index for a list of all the available articles, or choose from the article topics shown on the right.

Use the KISS Principle to Build Software

Tek Eye is a big believer in the keep it simple stupid (KISS) principle. When developing software avoid heavyweight, bloated, over-engineered, propriety frameworks. Otherwise, developers spend more time working around framework nuances than fixing the problem for which they were hired. Bloated propriety frameworks will eat money over the lifetime of a software product. If architects can design buildings following a less is more principle, then developers can write lean software. The Unix philosophy must be used for the best modern agile software development. As an example of KISS, the core CMS code that runs this website is less than 40K of PHP and does not use a database.

Starting Android App Programming in Java with Studio

Just starting down the path of Android app development in Java? All the Android programming articles on Tek Eye are being compiled into a free Android App Development Course. See the website index for a list of all the Android articles and tutorials.

Tek the One-Eyed Robot

At Tek Eye the programming of Android devices is one of our topics, even contributing to the O'Reilly Android Cookbook. Android has a little green robot as a mascot so it was thought a nice friendly robot to be his company would be a good mascot for Tek Eye. Here is Tek the Blue One-Eyed Robot:

Tek the One Eyed Robot

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Keep an Eye on Tek Eye

So here is Tek Eye UK, with articles on computing, technology, software development and Android programming. Tek Eye receives tens of thousands of visitors every month, if you want to suggest a topic or publish a post, get in touch dan@tekeye.uk.

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