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AdMob Ad Sizes
AdMob App Id and Ad Id for Android Monetization
Android Aids Dynamic Working
Android App Development Course
Android Emulator Key Mapping
Android Icon Size – Launcher and Google Play Store
Android Launcher Icons Using Inkscape
Android Project Structure
Android Rounded Icons
Android SDK Samples as Examples for Guidance
Android Studio Rendering Problems
Android Studio Windows Install for PCs
Android Studio Windows Zip Setup
Android Studio is Incompatible with the Gradle Plugin
Android Versions Numbering and API Levels
App Monetization List of Marketplaces, Advertisers and Others
Delete a Project in Android Studio IDE
Enable Nexus USB Debugging
Export Android Studio Project
Free Android Icons Using OpenClipArt.org and Paint.NET
Google Play Publishing Graphics Checklist
Grabbing an Android Device Screenshot
High Resolution App Icon for Google Play
How to Move Gradle Folder for Android Studio
Keeping the Android SDK Updated
Launcher Icon Generator in Android Studio
List of IDEs for Android App Development, Which is Best for You?
Material Design Introduction on Android
Minimum Supported Gradle Version
Opening Pre-Android Studio 3 Projects
Rendering Problems with WindowDecorActionBar
Set Up an Android Virtual Device for App Testing
Setup Android Development Environment in Windows
Testing Android's Activity Lifecycle
The Idiosyncratic Android Robot and its Name
Using the Android Logo and Copyright Information
What are DPI, DIP, DP, PPI, SP and Screen Resolutions in Android?
Your First Android Java Program - Hello, World!

Android Examples

AdMob Ad Incorporated into an Android Activity
Android API Demos for Studio
Android AsyncTask Class Helps Avoid ANRs
Android Bitmap Loading for Efficient Memory Usage
Android Debug Vs Release Build Check in Running Code
Android Dice Roller Source Code for Apps
Android Example Projects
Android String Resources Gotchas
Animated Images in Android
Changing the Font for Android TextViews and EditTexts
Different Ways to Code Android Event Listeners
Email Contact Form in App Using ACTION_SEND Intent
How to Set a Color In Android
Saving Activity State in an App
Start a Second Android Activity From The First
Use the ZXing Barcode Scanner in an Android App
Web Search Example In Android

Android Examples Lists

Add a Simple List to an App
Change ListView Text Color
Multi Line ListView Entries in Android
Read the Selection From a Multi Line Android ListView
Two Line Lists In Android

Android UI Examples

A Swipe View Android Example for Screen Paging
About Box in Android App Using AlertBuilder
Access Android View in Activity
Add a Border to an Android Layout
Android 9 Patch Image Files for Buttons and Borders
Android Color Picker Tutorial
Android Menu Vs Action Bar with Example Code
Android Portrait and Landscape Screen Layout Example
Center a TextView on a Android Screen
Changing Android Spinner Text Size with Styles
Context Menu Example for Android
Displaying a Bitmap in Android
HTML5 in Android App for WebView Display
How to Get View Size in Android
ImageButton Background with Shape Drawable
ImageButton Graphics with Inkscape, Android Example
Limit EditText Input with Attributes and the TextWatcher
Load Values into an Android Spinner
No Tooltips for Android - Use Hint
Pop-up Window in Android
SeekBar Android Example Code and Tutorial
Why Your TextView or Button Text Is Not Updating


CAN Bus Loopback Test with PCAN USB Interfaces
CAN Bus Sniffer Software and Hardware Options
CAN Bus Wiring Diagram, a Basics Tutorial
CAN Interface for USB with PCAN, Software and Demo
Driverless Car Crashes
How to Improve Your F&I Process with Mobile Technology
Open Source Simulators for Cars
The First Connected Car
What is an ECU?

Automotive Cyber-security

Automating Fuzz Test Generation to Improve Security
Automotive Cyber-security Companies
Automotive Cyber Security Timeline
Car Hacking Videos
Keyless Entry Theft with Range Extender Devices
Visualization for Cyber Security Conference List of Papers

Computer History

Back to BASICs 40 years later
Computing Techniques and Vidac Analog Computers
Debugging Mode The Good Old Fashioned Way
Helen Gill and the Importance of Cyber-Physical Systems
Macy Conferences on Cybernetics
Remembering Powered By and 88×31
Vidac 336 Analog Computer
Why is the Apache Web Server Called Apache?


Back to the Future for Computers
Data Recovery and the Three Golden Backups
How Computer Screens and Printers Show Images
How Many Websites Are There In The World?
Lean Efficient Software - Less is Moore
My Slice of Raspberry Pi is Here
People fall into 10 groups, those that get binary and everyone else!
Screen Resolution Names
Software Development Laws
The Main Reason Why RAM Prices are Rising
The Problem with Web Searches
UK School Level Computer Science Qualifications
What is .NET?
What is Computer Programming?
What is Information Technology?
What is MDI Form?

Computing 65c816

New 65C816 Kit, Back to BASIC


Cryptocurrency Market Cap


Does the UK do Cyber Attacks?
Meta-Cyber Security System
Morris Worm Attack, Lessons from the First Major Computer Virus
Red-Black Concept, Why Separation Matters
Spotting Fake Content Writers

Free Resources

10 Tips for Conference Presentations
Computer Programming Tools - Free Software Downloads
Electricity and Gas Meter Reading Data
Free Resources, Copyright and Licenses
Free Resources - Programs, Apps, Code, Graphics and PDFs
Images and Gifs Created on Tek Eye
Mendeley Annotated Bibliography LaTeX Template
Resources for Researchers and PhD Students
ShareLaTeX LNCS Style LaTeX Template
Thesis Template in LaTeX for a Coventry University PhD

Free Resources Android

Free Launcher Icons, Menu Icons and Other Android Graphics Resources

Free Resources Sounds

Free Sound Files and Sound Effects

Free Resources Tango Desktop Project

Actions Icons - Tango Desktop Project
Apps Icons - Tango Desktop Project
Categories Icons - Tango Desktop Project
Devices Icons - Tango Desktop Project
Emblems Icons - Tango Desktop Project
Emotes Icons - Tango Desktop Project
MIME Types Icons - Tango Desktop Project
Places Icons - Tango Desktop Project
Status Icons - Tango Desktop Project
Tango Desktop Project, Icons for Everyone


Add Search to Website Quickly and Easily
CSS Padding, Border and Margin - HTML Element Box
CodeLobster, a WebMatrix Alternative for HTML and PHP?
Contact Form for HTML and PHP
Develop a Website on Windows Using Microsoft WebMatrix
Div Border Style For HTML
Get URL in HTML for PHP Backlink
Grid CSS Old Skool
HTML5 Video Test Page
HTML Image Hover Effects Using Onmouseover
HTML Image Scroller Carousel Example
HTML Scrolling Carousel Image Gallery
Hello World in HTML
List of Browsers for the Modern Web
PHP Mail Script for Testing Email Sending
PHP Sanitize POST Data, Clean Up Input
Play Video in HTML5 on a Web Page
Pure CSS Menu Examples, Includes Dropdown
Responsive Menu Tutorial for HTML Web Pages, No jQuery
Simple HTML Contact Form for PHP
Social Media Share Buttons Code for Website
Spaces Between Images in HTML
Thumbnail Scroller by Malihu
Web Page Content in Columns Using Div
reCAPTCHA Code to Download for Demo and Test


Home Wireless Network Configuration
Location Service Issues on iPads
Maplin Pro BlueTrace 6 Button USB Wireless Mouse
Mechanical Keyboard for Computers, the Best Input Option
Ryzen 5 2600 vs Core i5-9400F


About Tek Eye
Contact Details
Guest Posts
Policies Applying to the Tek Eye Website
Shop for Free Software and Useful Services
Sponsorship and Advertising on Tek Eye
Tek Eye - Programming, Android and Computing Technology


Build the Android Robot with this Handy Construction Kit
The Android Robot Cuts Back on Routine Maintenance
The Android Robot Falls Victim to a Prank
Will Robots Ever Need to Powder Their Noses?

IT Projects

Business IT Alignment Tips For Costs Reduction
Cloud ERP Migration, from On-premises to Cloud-based ERP Systems
Computer Help for Anywhere in the World
Computer Services for Business Growth
Cutting IT Costs with Virtual Teams Managed Remotely
How to Convert WordPress Website into Android App?
How to Increase Your SEO Score to Maximum, Making Minimum Efforts
Is Custom Software Better than Off-the-Shelf for Startups?
List of Freelance Websites for the Gig Economy
Need a Web site? Use a CMS to Make Life Easier
Picking Gems from the Chaos of Words
Time to Change – Rethinking Your IT Budget Spend
Top five things that developers love to hate
We Made It Into The Icons of The Web, What’s Next?
Website Services - Full Development, Management and SEO
When is Agile Methodology the most appropriate choice?
XBRL, What Is It?

Learn ↓markdown↓ CMS

About ↓markdown↓ CMS
Adding a Feedback Form to a ↓markdown↓ CMS Website
Build a Website from Scratch with ↓markdown↓ CMS
Build a Website on OS X with ↓markdown↓ CMS
Code Highlighter for Website
Convert HTML to Markdown
Cookie Consent in ↓markdown↓ CMS
How to Create a Sitemap in ↓markdown↓ CMS
How to Setup Google Analytics in ↓markdown↓ CMS
Install ↓markdown↓ CMS for Fast Web Publishing
Introduction to ↓markdown↓ CMS Website Pages
No DB CMS to Improve Web Server Performance
Page Structure in ↓markdown↓ CMS
Set a Menu in Markdown CMS
Sharing Buttons in ↓markdown↓ CMS
Sidebar Example for Markdown CMS
Third Party Meta Tags in ↓markdown↓ CMS
Web Page Title Tag in ↓markdown↓ CMS
Website Home Page for ↓markdown↓ CMS
Website Search in ↓markdown↓ CMS
Website Structure and Pages in ↓markdown↓ CMS
↓markdown↓ CMS Page Header and Meta Tags

Old Android Articles

ADT Android Bundle to Quickly Setup Android Development
AVD Sound Playback for Android App Testing
Android Studio or Eclipse? Which IDE for Java Android App Developers
ERROR Unable to Load VM from Snapshot, Android AVD
Example List of Android Device Screens and Their Sizes
Fix VirtualBox after Installing HAXM
Move Android Code Between PCs Running Eclipse
Nexus 7 ADB Driver from ASUS Required When Debugging Your App
Running an Android SDK Sample App
SDK Manager not Working in Windows
Starting Emulator Failed to Allocate Memory
Support Library Samples in the Android SDK
Supporting Multiple API Versions in Android
Windows Symbolic Links for Android Installations on the D: Drive

Old Articles

Add Disqus to Website Built with ↓markdown↓ CMS
Add a Favicon to a WordPress Theme
Android Application Development for Dummies Book Review
BBC Website Down with BBC Home Page and iPlayer Offline
Facebook Comments Plugin for CMS Web Publishing
Outlook Alternative With Free Thunderbird and Lightning Replacement
Thunderbird Change Password for Email Account
Visual Studio Express Requirements - Operating System
WordPress HTML5 Video Shortcode

Old Hardware Articles

Asus Eee PC Touch T101MT
Call Forwarding Icon Keeps Appearing Android Galaxy Nexus
Fixed a BSOD
Maplin Cerulian 5 Button Gaming Mouse Review
Medion Akoya Review (Medion Akoya P5351 F)
Where is the Galaxy Tab USB Driver?

Old Papers

Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy (CADE) Conferences
MAP Network Relevance to a Small Company

Old VPS Articles

CentOS 6 to CentOS 7 Upgrade Using Red Hat Upgrade Tool
Upgrade PHP for CentOS 6 Using Additional Repositories

Open Access

Cutting the STEM of future skills

Playing Cards

Alternative Playing Cards for the SVG Deck
Playing Card Size, How Big is a Playing Card?
Poker Hands The Rankings
SVG Playing Cards, Public Domain
The Poker Journey Never Ends


C-family of Computer Language Keywords
Copying Code from the Articles
How to Create an IDE
Installing DotNet Core on Windows
Installing Java on Windows
MATLAB Alternative Scilab is Free for Modelling and Simulation


Mini SVG Playing Card Set

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

CentOS PHP MariaDB Example for Testing
CentOS Version Command and Update CentOS to New Version
Change SSH Port from Default for CentOS Security Improvement
Delete WordPress from Server
Install Apache on CentOS to Configure VPS Test System
Install PHP on CentOS VPS for Apache Hosted Web Sites
New User for CentOS VPS Created Using SSH
SSH Root Login Disable for CentOS VPS Improved Security
SSH into VPS Virtual Machine on Windows Using PuTTY
Setup CentOS Server for Web Hosting
Setup WordPress on CentOS 7 for a Website
Show PHP Settings with phpinfo
Unzip File on VPS? How to Extract a Zip File on a Linux VPS
Virtual CentOS on Windows Using VirtualBox to Run the VM
Virtualization Software for Windows, Run Another OS for Free
Webmin CentOS Install for Easier VPS Management
What is a VPS? What is a VPS Used For?
Why is PHP mod_rewrite Not Working?

Visual Studio

C# Async Await Microseconds Timer with Callback
C# BackgroundWorker with Progress Bar
C# Dice Roll Code with Stats
C# High Resolution Timer
Encrypt Decrypt of a String in C# .NET
Forms and Dialogs in a Windows DLL with C#
Hello World in C#, A Starting WinForms Example
High Speed Regular Events in C#
How to Compile C in Windows with Visual Studio
List of Windows Forms Controls in C Sharp
MDI Form in C#
Managing Objects in C#
Measuring Code Execution Time in C#
Microsoft Visual Studio Project Type GUIDs and Project GUIDs
Text File Edit Component for .NET WinForms Applications
Visual Studio Code Quick Windows Install Using Zip File

Visual Studio Windows Graphics

Windows OpenGL Example Using SkiaSharp

Webmaster Pages

Banksy Inspired Curiosities
Favourite Quotes
Names and Superlatives
Odyssey Apartments, Malia, Crete, Greece
Olympic Volunteer Oyster Card
Part of the Olympics in London
Problem Solution Paradox
Sometimes a Phone Call is Easiest and Quickest
Tek Eye Reaches One Million Ad Impressions
They Call it Customer Service, it's Really Customer Disservice
Those Annoying Hidden Import Charges


Clear Web Cache and Moving Browser Cache Folder
Developing PHP on Windows with Eclipse PDT
Free Up Disk Space on Windows with a Disk Cleanup
How to Make an Icon for Windows
How to Open IIS Express in Windows
Install PHP on Windows with Web Platform Installer
Move Documents and Other Personal Folders in Windows
PHP on Windows Using WebMatrix Single Click Install
Remove Mark of the Web from Multiple Files
Reset Windows Disk Clean-up for Less Clutter
SoftwareDistribution Folder Delete in Windows
Steps to Use Linux on a Windows Computer
WebMatrix Rename Site and Changing Virtual Folder Name
Web Server on Windows with IIS
hiberfil.sys Windows Delete to Free Up SSD Space


A to Z Index and Site Map for WordPress
Comment Spam Reduction from Rename of WordPress wp-comments-post.php
Plugin Broke WordPress! Not!
Quickly Create a WordPress Child Theme
Useful WordPress Additions
WordPress Favicon for a Website

↓markdown↓ CMS

Licensing of ↓markdown↓ CMS
↓markdown↓ CMS for Simple Web Publishing

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