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Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) is a long running academic publishing series for conference proceedings. LNCS is published by Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature. Authors who have a paper accepted at a conference that is publishing in LNCS will have to use a LNCS style. The LNCS format is provided in the llncs2e.zip file available from Springer's LNCS authors information page. The zip file contains LaTeX and Microsoft Word templates. However, this article provides a useful starting template for a LNCS author.

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Update: ShareLaTeX has merged with Overleaf, everything in this article now applies to the Overleaf LaTeX service.

Using the LNCS Template in ShareLaTeX

The ShareLaTeX Overleaf online LaTeX editor and collaboration tool has access to an existing LNCS template. However, at the time of this article publication it was out of date. LNCS have added support for ORCiD for authors. Therefore, the template from the Springer LNCS website should be used. However, the Springer template seems to have stepped back two minor versions, plus the file name extensions used are not ideal. For paper authors a simple starting template would also help. These points have been addressed in this lncs-latex-template.zip. This download provides a LNCS conference or academic paper template. The main.tex file provided is a simple LNCS paper starting point.

Starting a LNCS Paper Project in ShareLaTeX

With Springer's llncs2e.zip file or the lncs-latex-template.zip file available select the Upload Project option at the ShareLaTeX project page.

Upload ShareLaTeX Project

Select the zip file or drag-and-drop it on to the dialog that appears. After the upload the LNCS LaTeX project will open. It can be renamed at the ShareLaTeX projects page.

How to use LNCS LaTeX Template Zip File

Once the zip file is uploaded select the main.tex file and hit Recompile. The main.tex template provides a LNCS format example as a paper starting point.

LNCS Style

Modify main.tex and add new files as required.

To view this LNCS format example visit ShareLatex where the template has been made public viewing at LNCS Style.

The original Springer LaTeX template download is on their website. If using the Springer llncs2e.zip take a look at llncs.dem.

The template for LNCS can be used on Overleaf:

LNCS Format for Overleaf

For Word Users: Those who cannot get on with LaTeX, then the Springer download includes a LNCS Word template. This allows for a Spinger paper in the doc format (i.e. the Microsoft Word doc and docx file type).

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