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SVG Playing Cards, A Public Domain Full Deck

Something as simple as 54 small printed cards can have a huge impact upon human social history. From before the Middle Ages decks of playing cards have been used for games, fortune telling, gambling, magic tricks, and teaching mathematics (probability theory). Playing cards have embraced the widespread use of computers and the Internet and have long gone digital. Computers often come with card games, and online card games are popular. Published here are a set of SVG playing cards for use on computers and in apps. They can be downloaded from here as a zip file. Low resolution playing card graphics images are also in the zip file. An example is this Ace of Spades (the other playing card images are individually provided later in this article). Other bitmap densities of playing card files can be generated from the vector files using a drawing program, e.g. Inkscape.

Ace of Spades

What are SVG Playing Cards?

So what are SVG playing cards? SVG is for Scaler Vector Graphics. SVG is a graphics format that stores images as vectors (lines of a given length and angle), and other mathematical based elements. These mathematical elements describe an image. This is different from the common way of representing images as dots or pixels. The SVG format allows images to be scaled to different sizes without any loss of "sharpness". This makes an image of a playing card stored as SVG very useful. It can be resized without becoming blurry, and can be used to produce pixel based, or bitmap, images of playing cards at different sizes for different screen resolutions.

Large King of Diamonds Medium King of Diamonds Small King of Diamonds

To obtain playing cards bitmaps at higher resolutions use one of the playing cards vector images and export it from a graphics program at a high dots per inch (DPI) setting. An example of a image program that can export SVGs to bitmaps, such as portable network graphic (PNG) format, is Inkscape (which you can download and use for free).

Why Yet Another Set of Playing Card Images

There are thousands of playing card images available from the Internet. What this SVG resource has is the full deck of cards images, and that includes SVG images of Joker cards, which are often overlooked. In addition, useful for developing apps that use playing cards, are card backs, and a blank card. Futhermore, the card symbols for the suits have been made slightly different from what has been seen before.

Playing card suits

Public Domain Playing Card Images

What good is a set of playing card images if they cannot be freely used for any purpose. Fortunately, since playing cards have been around for hundreds of years, the commonly seen designs are free to use by anyone. The common designs are Public Domain playing card images. What is Public Domain? It means the image designs are not under copyright. Despite plenty of weird, wonderful, and imaginative playing card designs emerging, the traditional designs still dominate because of their familiarity, simplicity, cleaness, and being free to use and freely adapted by others. That has been done here. Despite tweaks to the pips and fonts, these vector playing cards are placed into the Public Domain. To use these card images no permission is required. Download them for free, no royalty payment is asked or required. I do ask you to provide a link to this article, it would be appreciated for the hard work that has gone into creating and maintaining this resource. Suggestions for improvements to the SVG playing cards are welcome.

Public Domain Images of Clubs Playing Cards

Here are exported playing card bitmaps, PNGs, of the clubs suit from the SVG playing card images. Inkscape was used to export the PNGs at 96 DPI. Click on the card to see the SVG version (use the back button to return).

Ace of Clubs Two of Clubs Three of Clubs Four of Clubs Five of Clubs Six of Clubs Seven of Clubs Eight of Clubs Nine of Clubs Ten of Clubs Jack of Clubs Queen of Clubs King of Clubs

Public Domain Images of Diamonds Playing Cards

Now the exported playing card bitmaps, PNGs, of the diamonds suit. Again, click on the card to see the SVG version and use the back button to return.

Ace of Diamonds Two of Diamonds Three of Diamonds Four of Diamonds Five of Diamonds Six of Diamonds Seven of Diamonds Eight of Diamonds Nine of Diamonds Ten of Diamonds Jack of Diamonds Queen of Diamonds King of Diamonds

Public Domain Images of Spades Playing Cards

Here are the exported playing card bitmaps, PNGs, of the spades suit. Click on the card to see the SVG version, use the back button to return.

Ace of Spades Two of Spades Three of Spades Four of Spades Five of Spades Six of Spades Seven of Spades Eight of Spades Nine of Spades Ten of Spades Jack of Spades Queen of Spades King of Spades

If you want a simple Ace of Spaces it is available:

Ace of Spades

Public Domain Images of Hearts Playing Cards

Exported playing card bitmaps, PNGs, of the hearts suit. Click a card to see the SVG version, use the back button to return.

Ace of Hearts Two of Hearts Three of Hearts Four of Hearts Five of Hearts Six of Hearts Seven of Hearts Eight of Hearts Nine of Hearts Ten of Hearts Jack of Hearts Queen of Hearts King of Hearts

Public Domain Joker Playing Cards

Here are the two Joker cards to make up the common 54 card deck. As before, click a card to see the SVG version and use the back button to return.

Black Joker Playing Card Red Joker Playing Card

Public Domain Playing Card Backs and a Blank Card

When developing card playing apps backs of cards are useful. Here is a handful of SVG playing card backs, a few of these designs give a nod to the playing cards used in older versions of Windows.

Abstract Playing Card Back Abstract Clouds Playing Card Back Abstract Scene Playing Card Back Astronaut Playing Card Back Blue Playing Card Back 2nd Blue Playing Card Back Cars Playing Card Back Castle Playing Card Back Fish Playing Card Back Frog Playing Card Back Red Playing Card Back 2nd Red Playing Card Back

Finally, here's the blank playing card image, again click on the image for the blank playing card SVG .

Blank Playing Card

If you have found these Public Domain SVG Playing Card images useful please provide a link to this article, it would be appreciated for the hard work that has gone into creating and maintaining this resource. Drop me an email, dan@tekeye.uk with information on your completed project that uses these playing card images and I will add a link to it.

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Giorgos Karatzas on 17th September 2023 at 23:04 said: Hi!

Very nice work, congrats!

I would like to use some of these cards in an HTML page I am developing, and I would like to ask you if there is a way to scale down these SVGs.

Thanks in advance.

Dan from Tek Eye on 18th September 2023 at 16:49 said: Thanks for your comment Giorgos, I am happy you like the playing cards SVGs.

A graphics program that can export SVGs to different density bitmaps can be used to produce scale bitmap versions. I use the free Inkscape program to export bitmaps of different densities (sizes). Alternatively, most modern browsers support the SVG format and "height" and "sizes" attributes can be defined on the HTML image tag.

Gil on 6th September 2022 at 21:11 said: Thank you very much for this!

Trevor on 2nd April 2021 at 18:36 said: Thanks for making these! These are going to be very useful in my card game app.

A comment on the 6th April 2021 at 04:53 said: Thanks so much, saved me a bunch of time!

Archived Comments

Anton on the 3rd January 2021 at 01:56 said: Great, these are awesome! I don't get the slogan on the Ace of Spades, but that's fine.

Tek Eye on the 3rd January 2021 at 16:04 said: Thanks for liking these playing card images Anton. The Ace of Spaces slogan is a play on two historical aspects of the Ace of Spaces playing card. Firstly, the Ace of Spades was traditionally a more ornate card because it needed to indicate that a tax, or duty, had been paid to the relevant authorities. Such duties not longer exist, but ornate Aces of Spades are still produced. An ornate Ace of Spades sometimes includes a skull in its design, maybe derived from old French fortune-telling tradition where an Ace of Spades indicated bad luck or a future death. Therefore, we have the Ace of Spades as a death card and its link to paying duty, or tax. The added phrase, Living a good life is duty paid., is saying living an honourable and good life (being good to yourself, others and the planet) is your payment to the world for the time you spend alive on it.

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