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Status Icons - Tango Desktop Project

The Tango Desktop Project developed a set of free and useful computer icons. This page has the status icons, with links to Windows ICO files and SVG files.

Icon ICO File
Audio Volume High Icon Audio Volume High Icon File
Audio Volume Low Icon Audio Volume Low Icon File
Audio Volume Medium Icon Audio Volume Medium Icon File
Audio Volume Muted Icon Audio Volume Muted Icon File
Battery Caution Icon Battery Caution Icon File
Dialog Error Icon Dialog Error Icon File
Dialog Information Icon Dialog Information Icon File
Dialog Warning Icon Dialog Warning Icon File
Folder Drag Accept Icon Folder Drag Accept Icon File
Folder Open Icon Folder Open Icon File
Folder Visiting Icon Folder Visiting Icon File
Image Loading Icon Image Loading Icon File
Image Missing Icon Image Missing Icon File
Mail Attachment Icon Mail Attachment Icon File
Network Error Icon Network Error Icon File
Network Idle Icon Network Idle Icon File
Network Offline Icon Network Offline Icon File
Network Receive Icon Network Receive Icon File
Network Transmit Receive Icon Network Transmit Receive Icon File
Network Transmit Icon Network Transmit Icon File
Network Wireless Encrypted Icon Network Wireless Encrypted Icon File
Printer Error Icon Printer Error Icon File
Software Update Available Icon Software Update Available Icon File
Software Update Urgent Icon Software Update Urgent Icon File
User Trash Full Icon User Trash Full Icon File
Weather Clear Night Icon Weather Clear Night Icon File
Weather Clear Icon Weather Clear Icon File
Weather Few Clouds Night Icon Weather Few Clouds Night Icon File
Weather Few Clouds Icon Weather Few Clouds Icon File
Weather Overcast Icon Weather Overcast Icon File
Weather Severe Alert Icon Weather Severe Alert Icon File
Weather Showers Scattered Icon Weather Showers Scattered Icon File
Weather Showers Icon Weather Showers Icon File
Weather Snow Icon Weather Snow Icon File
Weather Storm Icon Weather Storm Icon File

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