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The global phenomenon that is the Internet, both a force for good and a magnet for human parasites that want an easy living from the weak or ill-informed. A useful tool that has made our lives that bit easier but can also divorce us from reality. It has the capability to educate and inform, as well as reduce our humanity if we choose to be too connected. We plug-in to the Internet in our multitudes, but our voice is rarely heard amongst the tsunami of words, images, videos, spam and ads. Tek Eye is my whispering amongst the cacophony.

Despite computers and software being my occupation all my working life, and a hobby since my teens, I didn't take an interest in the Internet until the mid 2000s. It was just to painful to use until then. Nor did I bother posting anything online, as working with computers all day meant I wasn't inclined to turn one on in the evening. However, I did dabble in online games and occasionally posted to forums.

Where possible I used the name GR8DAN. Why GR8DAN? I always try and do a good job in whatever task I perform. Sometimes too good, chewing up time seeking perfection when adequate would pass muster. Yet I’ve been given many compliments over the years: "Good work Dan, that’s great.", "Great work, thanks.", "You’ve done a great job.", "Great Dan, well done.", etc. Being a Brit we don’t go in for gushing superlatives, I’ve had the occasional superb, outstanding and exceptional, however, great is about as good as it usually gets. Well I accepted the greatness just as the mobile phone texting craze began. So I have often used GR8DAN or minor variations (GR8-DAN, GR8_DAN, GR8Danny) when creating user names for various accounts.

So you may find me somewhere on the Interweb, as me and not my work (https://tekeye.uk). For example user GR8DAN at openclipart or user GR8DAN at GitHub. Of course you may see GR8DAN on other parts of the web during your surfing, and it may well be me (but don’t take it for granted).


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