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Car Hacking Videos

What cars can be hacked? The list of car hacking videos below features a variety of cars. The most famous car hacking video is probably the one with the Jeep Cherokee hack. Although the Jeep hack is now fixed, through a vehicle recall, there are probably more bugs that allow hacking waiting to be found. This affects all cars made today as they all depend on software, if you find a bug that alllows the software to be changed then you can hack the car. Other cars featured in the list of videos below include a Tesla, Prius, Impala, Lexus, Chrysler, Outlander, and others (Tesla and Chrysler updated their vehicle software to prevent any of the hacks shown).

Car Hacking is Cyber Attack, Cyber Defence and Cyber Mods

The videos in the list also cover the subject of protecting cars from hacking (though mainly at a high level). The videos show that cars can be hacked, so they need to be protected from hacking. The grassroots organisation I Am The Cavalry has done a lot of work in highlighting the issue.

Car Hacking

Automotive cyber-security and car hacking is an interesting topic of study for security researchers. Plus of course, the criminals use car hacking to overcome vehicle security and steal cars. There are numerous videos from security cameras showing thieves using electronic devices to steal cars. This is a still from a video of a car theft posted by BIMMERPOST. A thief is waiting to plug a device into the car's OBD port whilst an accomplice overcomes the physical security.

Thieves steal a car using an OBD device.

There is a legitimate hacker community for cars, take a look at Open Garages. If you own a car you might want to enhance the functionality or perform research on the capabilities of combining vehicle and computing technology. There are aftermarket devices and software programs that add smartphone-linked functions to vehicles, such as SmartStart, Automatic, OBDLink, or Torque. Some videos related to that side of car hacking are included in the list. Unfortunately, the security of those devices can be weak.

List of Car Hacking Videos

Videos below are listed from newest to the oldest:

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