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↓markdown↓® is a free flat file CMS with no database complexity. The World Wide Web was designed for easy information publication and linking, wherever it is located. Information is still at the heart of the Internet but with some web software tools publishing your content, or your customers, can be a chore. The ↓markdown↓ Content Management System (CMS) brings the simplicity back, as easy as typing text. It uses the popular Markdown and CommonMark syntax. ↓markdown↓ is a CMS for pushing text and media to the web quickly and easily.

Publishing Content with markdown CMS

Note: If you obtain, use or distribute ↓markdown↓ CMS you agree to the license.

View the README for a short overview and quick start or see the About ↓markdown↓ CMS page. There are several online tutorials covering various subjects in how to Build a Website from Scratch with ↓markdown↓ CMS.

Why a Simple Flat File no Database CMS?

Technology should be easy and satisfying to use. The well established CMSs are great for dedicated servers with many users, but they have grown too heavyweight and complex for straightforward web sites. An uncomplicated web site managed by a single person or small team only needs a small lightweight flat file (no database) CMS. ↓markdown↓ is such a simple CMS for uncomplicated web sites.

↓markdown↓ is a Simple CMS for Several Reasons

  • Content is just a text file. If you can type text you can publish to the Internet.
  • Create on the go. Use anything that saves text to create content, anywhere.
  • No tag soup, no need to pair up HTML tags, formatting via easy text symbols.
  • No database, simplifies set up, reduces maintenance and reduces the cyber attack footprint.
  • Small code size, no frameworks or libraries to learn. Easy configuration and drag and drop install.
  • Simple hardware requirements. A HTTP server that can execute PHP, nothing else.
  • Content and structure are files and directories. The web site folder is the web site.
  • Fast and efficient. The simplicity means content is served quickly using minimum resources.
  • Save money, ↓markdown↓ is free CMS software with the source code available for tweaking.
  • Mobile device friendly (the style sheet is a responsive design for different screen sizes).
  • Work locally, e.g. using WebMatrix, or remotely. Sync via FTP, rsync, WinSCP, Git or zip upload.
  • Automatic web site backup via cloud storage, e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.
  • Has a main article area and a sidebar for common content or advertising.
  • Social sharing buttons can be enabled.
  • Feedback on web pages can be added by enabling a form that supports Google's reCAPTCHA.
  • Includes support for Google Analytics.

↓markdown↓ CMS Registered Trademark

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