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A simple, fast, lean, flat file (no database) CMS for easy and quick website generation and publishing. If you can type text you can build a website.


A HTTP server (e.g. Apache) with PHP installed, that's all. Great for low cost hosting plans. A web server with PHP is supplied as standard by nearly all web hosting providers. ↓markdown↓ CMS is easy to configure for a Virtual Private Server (VPS), dedicated server or any PC.


Drop the code on the web server. Just extract the zip contents to the public HTML root folder (if using the GitHub zip file extract everything in zip file's first folder). If PHP is enabled and the web server supports URL rewrite, as most do, then ↓markdown↓ CMS is ready (e.g. example.com/md).

Add Files

Folder and files are structure and content. Start by creating an index.md file in the root. Add .md files for more web pages:

  • index.md for example.com
  • apage.md for example.com/apage
  • sub/page.md for example.com/sub/page

Set Site Name and Logo

Upload an image for the website logo. Copy md/md-config.php to site-config.php (i.e. in the public root folder). Edit site-config.php to set the values for the site name and the logo.

Further Information

markdown CMS Small Logo Icon ↓markdown↓ CMS is fast and simple. Build websites quickly and publish easily. For beginner to expert.

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