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Free Resources - Programs, Apps, Code, Graphics and PDFs

Alongside the articles published on Tek Eye there are freely available resources. Many of these resources are produced for various projects. The resources include:

  • Free software and utilities.
  • Free Android Apps.
  • Free Source Code.
  • Free graphical resources (SVG graphics and bitmap graphics).
  • Free PDFs of articles and papers.

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The default license for these resources is CC-BY-NC-SA, however, there is usually no charge for a commerical license. This allows full copyright over those resources to be maintained. Therefore resources accessed on this website can be used in non-commercial projects (software and services that are are not sold to paying customers or display advertisements) without the need to pay a royalty. However, attribution should be made (simply put a link to the page from where you obtained the resource). To use these resources in a commerical product contact us for permission, the license charges, if any, are normally very low.

Free SVG Resources

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